Saturday, November 1, 2014

Paint over Comic/Cartoon Image images


Batman Ref

Jiji Surprised

Jiji Ref

Teen Titans


Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond ref

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Revised Syllabus

Week 9
Discuss Syllabus revisions

One on One with each student to discuss individual progress

Finish Material Studies
If complete, move to Candy studies(Optional and only till beginning of next week)

Week 10
Discuss/Demo painting over line art to move to a painterly style.
Paint a realistic version of a animation frame or Comic book image.
-Google search and paint

Week 11
Discuss Composition and lighting

Imaginative Scene
-Create a scene of an object in an environment.
--Create the object using a foreign material. 
---A chrome tree, a watermelon arm,  a glass feather, a jellyfish motorcycle…
--Place it in an equally imaginative environment
---a jello forest, a mountain range of banana peels, crashing waves of pudding and marshmallows on chocolate bar rocks(I'm getting hungry)  

-Come up with an Idea
-Thumbnail compositions
-Value studies
-Research subject and materials
-Quick base painting

Week 12
Imaginative Scene(cont)
Refine and detail the base painting

Week 13
Imaginative Scene(cont)
Finish Imaginative scene

Final image
-Begin your Final Image
--Idea, thumbnails and value drawings.

Week 14 Thanksgiving
Work on Final Image at home or in the lab
-Color roughs for your image
-Collect reference
-Base color and light 

Week 15
Final Image(cont)
-Finish Color and lighting
-Collect material reference
-Start applying materials

Week 16
Final Image(cont)
-Finish final paintings

Present to class